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As we get into a game we are shown more things to do, let's see How to complete the Bad Santa challenge in BitLife.

What is the object of completing the Bad Santa challenge in BitLife?

  Having the ability to embark on another task in this game and where we must perform certain particular activities, to achieve a final goal, this is part of the number of things that we are allowed to do in this game and that is that the challenges allow us to keep busy and give more excitement to the game.

How to complete the Bad Santa challenge in BitLife?

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  • We must be a man: this is a necessary task to execute and it is related to the Christmas theme, this only requires being a male character during the creation process.
  • Become Santa Claus: this is the next task to execute, we must find a part-time job as Santa Claus in the mall, this character requires living long enough, this means that we must be at least approximately 65 years old to be able to access to this job.
  • Being depressed: this is another of the activities necessary to execute to know How to complete the Bad Santa challenge in BitLife and this can be somewhat confusing, we must ensure that our character can become depressed, it is a task that could take us some time, but it does not mean that cannot be achieved, this type of thing usually occurs when we lose a loved one, or when negative events can occur, being rejected by more people when we are interested in forming a relationship, this can be done several times until our character is depressed.
  • Steal 10 houses: this is the next action to execute and it is that as we get older we can do various mischief, this allows us to increase our chances of success as a bad Santa Claus, so that it is necessary to access 10 houses to steal 10 items and avoid being caught, we must go to the Activities tab to choose to commit crimes, we will see a raccoon icon that allows us to invade a house and steal it, we must avoid being caught in order to continue with the challenge.
  • Telling a child that Santa is not real: this is the final task and we must wait until the moment can be given to do it, this is usually random, there is no safe mechanism to do it, even when we get older we can ensure the reunion and choose the option to say that Santa Claus simply does not exist, he is not real, this completes the series of tasks to complete this challenge, once we manage to complete the tasks we receive a stamp that shows us that we have completed the Bad Santa challenge, plus an accessory.


  Now that you know how to complete the Bad Santa challenge in BitLife, you can take care of this challenge and continue enjoying this game.

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