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Today we bring a guide to explain how to craft solar panels in Ixion.

What does it mean to craft solar panels in Ixion?

  Work on a construction process that allows us to keep our spaceship operational and therefore we can survive, so it is necessary to know How to craft solar panels in Ixion, considering that if we do not do so, there is a high probability of being stranded, the panels are Undoubtedly one of the most necessary resources and that we must take care of managing, this tends to favor us much more because precisely space usually provides us with solar energy, which allows us to take advantage of the energy of the stars and in this way ensure that the hills can stay alive.

How to craft solar panels in Ixion?

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    It is important to know that solar panels are simply one of the most relevant research projects with which we will start this game, this implies that we do not have to investigate anything, we just take care of building them, this means that we must create new solar panels, this always and when we have the necessary resources to be able to do it, it means that we must have informed ourselves about everything we need to carry out this construction work that implies building external structures of the ship, in addition to repairing it, in this case it is necessary to navigate to the exterior construction screen that is usually represented by the central button of the three large buttons that are located at the bottom on the right side of our screen, once we have carried out this action we will be able to order our crew so that they can build a new solar panel for 15 first-rate polymer panels.

      It is necessary to take into account that the later levels are usually more expensive, but having the necessary resources this allows even building more advanced panels, above all, without seeing ourselves in the need to investigate further, we must have Polymer and Electronics to carry out this process and it is that these components are necessary to manufacture more advanced panels, it should be noted that polymers can sometimes be obtained while we are on a scientific expedition of the system, however, it is necessary to be clear that in the middle of the factory research of polymers we will have to extract other resources, such is the case of simulation games because these can become polymers after some time.

      We must take into account not to damage the happiness of the crew to produce materials, in addition to avoiding accidents, the electronic product factory allows us to create silicon products necessary for solar panels in the middle and late level, we just have to be careful with the expansion because it tends to function as a kind of loss of vital resources, this because we have a reduced number of resources from the start of the game.

      It is worth mentioning that in case of having problems with energy reserves, we must turn off the buildings that are not usually needed at the moment, we will turn on an area only when it is necessary to explore and we will turn it off again, in the same way it applies to the laboratories, by getting the production of food is complete or sufficient, it is possible to turn them off, while this happens it is not possible to research or build anything.

      Now that you know how to craft solar panels in Ixion, we can embark on this construction task and thus continue enjoying the game.

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