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If you want to know how to get a corporate job at Bitlife, you have come to the right place, here we explain it to you.

What to know about corporate work at Bitlife?

It is one of the many types of jobs that can be obtained in the game, these specifically detail the word Corporate next to it, meaning that joining these will represent a prestige, taking into account that from the beginning you can go improving the job that is performed, certainly with a degree the scale to be achieved can be wide, among the requirements you must have at least a specific degree or university level for us to be hired, since it is our next task it is opportune to know how get a corporate job and that's what will be explained from here on, let's see.

How to get a corporate job at Bitlife?

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    The business school can is what is recommended if we want to solve How to get a corporate job, once we have a degree in mathematics we will have achieved a decent intelligence, which will allow us to reach the top in the company as CEO, but if our focus is less we have that with a university degree we will have at least one position of engineering director, it is important to study in school and to read books with the help of the public library, even the creation of characters with high intelligence can be opportune, as we age in BitLife we ​​will reach the end of high school and go to university, it is always necessary to keep our intelligence statistics high, once we graduate we will go to business school to apply, then with the tab jobs we look for those that corporate has at its side.

    A business degree can take us to those jobs that are more advanced, considering that the telemarketer apprentice does not require a degree, you just have to request it to be hired, only that to reach the high positions of the company is not easy, but the other jobs do require a degree, then we will have escalated in the company over the years, it is ideal that we take into account the existing corporate jobs in the game and what is required for it, these are the following :

    • Internal auditor: University
    • Financial Analyst: University
    • Architect: University
    • Business Analyst: University
    • Stockbroker: University
    • Operations Analyst: University
    • Database administrator: University
    • Insurance agent: Baccalaureate
    • Biotechnologist: University
    • Concierge: None
    • Accountant: University
    • Environmental Scientist: University
    • Engineering Director: University
    • Managing Director: Business School
    • Engineer: University
    • Lobbyist: University
    • Receptionist: Upper Secondary School
    • Computer Programmer: University
    • Computer support: University
    • Teleoperator: None
    • Translator: University
    • Deputy Vice President: Business School
    • Vice Chancellor: Business School
    • Senior Vice President: Business School
    • Executive Vice President: Business School

    In conclusion, knowing how to get a corporate job is excellent, because we can advance further in this interesting and moving BitLife.

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