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Angel Marquez
2021-03-18 16:03:10

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Today we bring you a Fortnite guide, where we will explain how to investigate an anomaly detected in Stealthy Stronghold.

What to know about Fortnite?

We are in season 6 of the game, where we are presented with endless new challenges, even managing to add collectible cosmetics, on the map there are some objects to which anomalies are detected, something that can become an obstacle for their respective investigation, at this moment we have to know how to investigate an anomaly detected in Stealthy Stronghold, and we will see the answers in the following content, let's see.

How to investigate an anomaly detected in Stealthy Stronghold in Fortnite?

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When this search has begun we have to have the appropriate levels of battle passes to be able to locate the anomalies, this specifically level 49, apart from having investigated the anomaly that is near Catty Corner, the next challenge requires a level of 60 of the battle pass, while we progress towards the aforementioned level we will find many interesting things, such as new weapons, competitions and finding the mechanical parts, once we are at level 60 we can enter the solution to the challenge of How to investigate an anomaly detected in Stealthy Stronghold, it must certainly be something known to us, but now we have to locate a bright butterfly and follow the track, the mini map can help us to locate the first of the O's, then we can guide ourselves through the butterfly to locate the anomaly.

Then this challenge in Fortnite will take us to a lot of land, in which we must do what is necessary to reveal the anomaly and thus complete the investigation, but we must be attentive to what surrounds us, for the reason that there are other people who will be hunting and carrying out missions, and we can enter into combat, it is important to always be equipped to have a guarantee of achieving the objectives, apart from this anomaly there is one that requires level 76 of the battle pass, which will serve to unlock the Jones Field Pack, there's a lot we're going to discover with the arrival of Season 6, so let's keep the fun of all the resources coming up as we progress.

Finally, now that we know how to investigate an anomaly detected in Stealthy Stronghold we can move on to Fortnite.

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