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Lidia Rozo
2020-12-21 17:12:38

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Knowing how to complete the Bad Santa Challenge is a necessary task that we must do these days in BitLife.

What does the Bad Santa Challenge mean in BitLife?

We are practically at Christmas and this allows us to work based on that season, as it is necessary to take care of knowing how to complete the Bad Santa Challenge, based on the fact that there is a possibility of achieving some requirements that allow us to channel the list of naughty people, of So not necessarily holy must be perfect, for which it is important to have some necessary requirements and these are:

  •   Be a man
  • We become Santa
  • Keep us depressed.
  • Rob 10 houses.
  • Steal the quantity of 10 items.
  • Telling a child that Santa is simply not real.

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How to complete the Bad Santa Challenge in BitLife?

Our first task will be to be a man, there is no possibility of it being a woman, the idea is to be at least 65 years old, because Santa is not young, on the other hand it is necessary to take care of finding a job that may be part-time, then it is necessary to take care of getting a little depressed, to achieve this it is necessary to last some time and in this course experience some negative events, details such as losing a loved one is more than enough.

Now, once we are depressed it is necessary to commit some crimes, as it is necessary to take care of stealing, for this it is necessary to locate some houses by lowering the activities tab to commit the crimes, it is only necessary to locate the raccoon icon, as this means getting 10 houses to rob, go down a little more in the tab and once inside them our goal is to steal a total of items, but this does not end there, because we must find a way to tell a child that Santa does not exist, only that this child should be known, so it is ideal to spend some time with a boy until saying, once we have completed these tasks we get a stamp indicating that the challenge has been completed.

In this sense, knowing How to complete the Bad Santa Challenge is an interesting, necessary and a bit cruel task, since there is no positive activity here, however, for everyone, Christmas does not look sweet and BitLife with this task shows us it.

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