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BitLife: How to be an Actor

2020-08-10 10:09:35

This time we return with a BitLife guide with the objective of explaining how to be an actor.

What to know to be an actor in BitLife?

It is necessary that our statistics are high, mainly those that have to do with appearance, being the road to being an actor long and complicated in some way, to get there we must go through some previous steps, first we focus on being an announcer and this is possible from high school arriving with work to the purpose that is presented to us, if we want to understand how to be an actor more precisely, it is necessary that we put effort into the content that is presented here on, let's do it then.

How to be an actor in BitLife?

Between 70 and 80 of appearance should be our focus on this statistic of BitLife, being necessary to have a fit physique, which will send us to the gym and much more, things that allow us to increase this statistic, once we are graduated from the Secondary is that it is possible to look for a job as an announcer, we have to try until this option is available, when we get it over the years if we make an effort we will improve our position, as support, social networks can play a great role in our favor , looking to be famous if we want to understand How to be an actor.

Over the years we will achieve a promotion that will lead us to be an actor, it is possible with the passage of about 6 years, after that we can even have leading roles after another 5 years, being the main actor, while the Fame statistics continue to increase we will see how everything will become easier for us in terms of How to be an actor, being in a few words a movie star, having access to many options of the fame achieved, we will even be able to write books, commercials and magazines, each of these situations depend on the level of fame that we have, social networks can be a great support in increasing said levels, it is possible to obtain an important heritage in this way in BitLife, more when we are for the 70 years of age and we already have an important base for the writing of some books and television programs that will skyrocket our fame in general.

It is clear that knowing how to be an actor allows us to have more fun while we progress in BitLife.

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