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BitLife allows us to immerse ourselves in a very realistic world and that is why today we tell you how to be a judge

What does BitLife bring us?

  This is a game that in a way allows us to live and do as many activities as possible, because here we can lead a life as similar or better to the real one, there is the possibility of being born, growing up, studying, working, forming a family, being good or bad, getting properties in short, nothing to envy to real life, however there are particular professions here and knowing How to be a judge allows us to delve a little about them, this occupation specifically requires some specific characteristics.
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    How to be a judge in BitLife?

     It is necessary to consider that we must get a character that is 80 percent intelligent, for which it is necessary to complement it with reading books, studying a lot, doing as many activities as possible in school, because as the years go by these will be more complex in BitLife, as this means that it will be necessary to join 2 or 3 activities per type of school, carry out extracurricular activities since with this there is the possibility of opting for a scholarship, because once we finish university it is necessary to go to the school of laws and ensure that our work as a lawyer can be maintained for a period of 30 years, because with this it is possible to agree to be a judge and this in turn opens the doors to be magistrates.

     In high school it is necessary to study political science and graduate to be able to access Law School, as it is the only way to become a judge, since this requires a lot of study and effort, however when we manage to finish in Law School Our key moment arrives, the job search, because we already graduated and we need to produce, so to achieve it we will only move to the jobs menu to find the Junior Associate option, here once with our job ready it is necessary to work hard to get promotions quickly.

     Little by little and as we work we get older, but this leads us to our choice of magistrate, only that it is necessary to have 30 years of service to apply for this job, and with that you know How to be a judge, only that this takes something effort and receive credits for achievements in a long but interesting career.

     This is everything you need to know about How to be a judge, just dedicate ourselves to study and choose to be the best in BitLife, give it a try.

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