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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-18 17:15:38

Finally WWE 2K Battlegrounds has arrived and with it new game strategies, let's see How to do a counter

Why do a counter in WEE 2K Batlegrounds?

  This is simply a way to change an impulse within the combat itself, because with this we manage to reverse an opponent's launch to return to one of ours, because beatings here are the order of the day and this gives us the possibility of come out gracefully.

How to do a counter in WWE 2K Battlegrounds?

 It is necessary to be attentive about the advantage and the attempt to fight on the part of our opponent, as it is necessary to check every minimum movement, since with this it is possible to get the opposing fighter to be annulled and to be able to unleash our fury of blows ourselves, then to This is necessary to make correct use of the buttons since these can appear randomly, in addition to having the possibility of countering a movement except for the final movements that cannot be countered, once the button is shown it is necessary to press it to execute the counter.

 These are the buttons needed to make a counter in WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

  •  For Nintendo Switch we use X-Y-A-B.
  • For PS4 we use Triangle-Square-Circle-X.
  • For Xbox One we use Y-X-B-A-.

 This is all you need to know about how to do a counter, as you only need to pay attention to the button that appears randomly in WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

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