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Guide to learn how to steal 4YR power cell in Beyond a Steel Sky

  After passing Onion City, he is locked at the door because he does not have access to a vehicle. You need to power Wendell's truck, but his old power cell is broken. You need to get the one inside the 4YR robot that you find after crossing the bridge. So in this article we will teach you how to make this job as simple as possible.
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    How to steal 4YR power cell in Beyond a Steel Sky?

    These thefts can be found outside prowling around the bridge. And to steal the power cell inside the 4YR, you must use your hacked MINOS device while standing between the conveyor belt and the vent.

    You must access the 2 devices simultaneously and this is seen when your MINOS says it detects two elements that it can interact with nearby. Once you have both, use the MINOS hacker to move the data block "Quickly" from the exhaust vent to the speed logic of the conveyor belt.

    All you need to do is wait for the 4YR to notice that there is a problem with the conveyor and walk to it. There will be a quick animation that the magnet will lift you up after standing on the pressure plate, and then you can take the battery to Wendell's truck.

    It is always recommended to speak to Wendell whenever you want to enter or leave Onion City.

     Now that you know how to steal 4YR's energy cell in Beyond a Steel Sky you will be able to complete the mission and move on to the next face in the game. Luck!

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