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2021-11-17 08:28:32

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Battlefield 2042 has a great arsenal for us, so we will explain how to unlock all weapons.

What is the purpose of unlocking all weapons in Battlefield 2042?

Having the opportunity to enjoy a considerable amount of artifacts with which we are allowed to charge against our enemies, in this sense, we are presented with the opportunity to have among our arsenal:

  • Assault rifles.
  • SGM.
  • LMG.
  • Sniper rifles.
  • Utility weapons / shotguns.
  • Secondary weapons.

How to unlock all weapons in Battlefield 2042?

It is important to keep in mind that we must get a total of 22 weapons, in addition to that we must achieve a particular level in the game, these weapons are usually:


  • PBX-45, which is a weapon that is usually pre-unlocked.
  • At level 18 we are allowed to get PP-29.
  • At level 36 we are allowed to get MP9.
  • At level 53 we are allowed to get K30.ç

Assault rifle.

  • At level 36 we get MP9.
  • At level 53 we get K30.

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AR assault rifles.

  • M5A3, which is usually achieved pre-unlocked.
  • At level 11 we get the AK-24.
  • At level 27 we get the SFAR-M-GL.
  • At level 40 we get AC-42.


  • At level 3 we get LCMG.
  • At level 32 we get PKP-BP.

Hunting rifles.

  • On the DM7, we get it pre-unlocked.
  • At level 14 we get SVK.
  • At level 47 we get VCAR.

Sniper rifles.

  • SWS-10 this usually gets pre-locked.
  • At level 24 we get DXR-1.
  • At level 60 we get NTW-50.

Utility weapons / Shotguns.

  • At level 7 we get MCS-880.
  • At level 21 we get GVT 45-70.
  • At level 44 we get 12M AUTO.


  • G57 this is usually gotten pre-unlocked.
  • At level 17 we get MP28.
  • At level 29 we get the M44.

It is convenient to bear in mind that we are allowed to play Portal because this is undoubtedly the best way to get points and therefore level up.

We conclude this guide on How to unlock all weapons, so we must take care of working hard on Battlefield 2042.

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