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Today we bring you a Balan Wonderworld guide where we intend to explain how to achieve the three fighting styles in chapter 4.

What's the point of getting all three fighting styles in Balan Wonderworld Chapter 4?

  This game has different activities and specifically focusing on combat styles is perhaps the most interesting part of all, because when facing a boss it is necessary to choose to damage him in three totally different ways, our goal must be to win to continue, in This sense of knowing How to achieve the three fighting styles in chapter 4 leads us to put into practice all the possible ways of fighting even when it is possible to face innocent people, since the negative effects sometimes tend to take over our lives.
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    How to get all three fighting styles in Chapter 4 in Balan Wonderworld?

     Our job is to take care of doing as much damage as possible, because the boss will fly ahead of us and this will make it necessary to focus on bursting the yellow balloon that he usually has in his nose, it is necessary to move because he tried to move away slowly, and for this it is necessary to consider:


    •  First style: during this phase the fight usually takes place by means of a flight of the boss towards us, as this will drop some boxes on the bridge, as soon as we see this it is usually necessary to equip ourselves with the "Aerial Acrobat" suit, we proceed to jump in a immediate to a gift that we will observe as soon as the boxes land, we will see that the balloons float and this makes us have to attack them in order to approach the boss's balloon to deliver a blow that can stun him so that he manages to fall to the bridge, this us lets get closer and hit him some more forceful blows.
    • Second style: for this it is not necessary to have a particular suit, however the boss will choose to throw some propellers at us, only it will be necessary to jump on one of them to choose to return it causing a blow that will stun him and this allows us to attack him in nose.
    • Third style: the fight here can become a bit more complex which makes it necessary to equip ourselves with a “gliding sheep” suit because it is vital to make use of the air currents in our favor, which means that there is no need to touch The fans, however, this boss will choose to take out some in order to attack us from below, but they do not represent any concern, we only focus on floating towards the nose of the boss who no longer has the protective balloon which makes a blow inflicted usually hits him hard.

     This is everything you need to know about How to get the three fighting styles in chapter 4, it is only necessary to focus on sustaining a constant fight based on the styles in Balan Wonderworld.

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