Ambar Jimenez
2019-10-30 19:59:12

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Find the fishing rod in Atelier Ryza. Here we'll tell you everything you need to know to make it possible.

 In Atelier Ryza there are certain limitations on where you can fish, so in order to access them you will need the fishing rod. For that reason, in this opportunity we will show you where you can get it.

Get the scythe to harvest fruit

In one of the game's missions, you'll need to locate Ryza's alchemy instructor, Empel, to see if he can help you with the tools you need to harvest fruit on the farm. This will take you back to Ryza's room in order to create the tool (scythe) for you.

When it's in your hand, you'll need to go to the marked field area and harvest the fruit, and then hand it over to Ryza's father once you've finished.

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How to get the fishing rod in Atelier Ryza?

Once you have completed the previous stage, Empel will pass on and give Ryza a book with recipes for various harvesting tools, including the fishing rod. It is worth mentioning that even with the recipe of the fishing rod learned, you will need a level 10 to synthesize it, when you do the fishing rod will give you the Fishing Master trophy in PS4.

 This is what you must take into account to obtain the fishing rod in Atelier Ryza.