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2019-10-30 19:00:21

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In this section we will help you find a bitter root in Atelier Ryza. More details here.

In this new installment of Atelier Ryza, Gust's video game, we'll be giving you a series of tips that will help you get a root you'll need to make the ointment, so take a look. 

How to find a bitter root in Atelier Ryza?

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The first thing you need to look for is one of the quick trip signs, these are located all over Kurken Island. When you find them, you should head towards the desert port in the Rasen district. Upon boarding, you must catch the Kurken Island boat and head towards the shipyard on dry land.

When you are in the tunnel, you will have to place wide and flat plants on the ground on the left, these should be in groups of four with white flowers. Revisit and you will get the bitter root you were looking for, with it you will be able to make the ointment of blessing.

Optional route to find the bitter root

You also have the option to buy it at a good price with the merchant woman in the port of Kurken.

These are the ways to get the bitter root in Atelier Ryza.

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