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Daniel Hidalgo
2022-09-22 15:35:05

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Pay attention because here we will explain how to play Gun Run in Apex Legends.

  What is Gun Run in Apex Legends?

This is the newest limited time mode in the game and in which you will have a lot of action, so there will be many users trying to access this mode. The fact is that it can be useful to know how to play Gun Run in Apex Legends.

How to play Gun Run in Apex Legends?

In this mode, four teams of three players fight to kill first with each weapon. There are 25 weapons that you will cycle through in smaller POI sections of a Battle Royale map. The final kill is always with the new Throwing Knife weapon.

This mode will have a team for you and you will have to jump over any teammate that is in front of you on the weapon track, with the goal that no one on your team will stop you if you get a weapon that doesn't work very well.
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For example, if you are on the fifth weapon and your teammate is on the eighth, you will jump to the ninth weapon when you get a kill. This way, no one on your team will stop you if you get a weapon that doesn't work well. If you want to know how far it will jump on the track by looking at the number of impulses at the bottom of the screen.

The good thing about this mode is that it gives you infinite ammo supply and syringes. Only one person on your team needs to kill with the throwing knife at level 25 to win the match.

How to play Gun Run in Apex Legends? - Tips

The key is to stay close to your teammates, using your Legend's ability and ultimate to give you the upper hand in an encounter. If you can hide and heal, take advantage, as you won't have many syringes.

 This is everything you need to know about how to play Gun Run in Apex Legends, so we hope that we have been as helpful as possible, and we hope that you will be able to get a lot out of this mode now that you know everything about it.

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