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2022-10-13 10:44:01

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There are many things to get in the games and that is why today we will explain how to get the golden ticket in Apex Legends.

What is the golden ticket in Apex Legends?

  This is nothing more than a marketing strategy that we can use to get access to an end-of-season event, this makes it necessary to take care of obtaining one as soon as possible, we are approaching the end of season thirteen and this one has some interesting activities that we do not we can get lost

How to get the golden ticket in Apex Legends?

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We must have the amount of 125 materials or make the ticket in one of the repellents, this usually occurs during the match, to achieve this we must load a game of trios without filling and proceed to select Octane, we must choose to fall in an area with little opposition but that it can be full enough of loot.

It is vital to collect the amount of 125 crafting materials, this means earning 5 just for opening the loot container and a total of 25 for each crafting capsule, this allows you to reach the total of 125 in a short time.

Once we have obtained the necessary materials we will go to our replicator that may be nearby in order to craft the newest item in the rotation that is the golden ticket.

Once we have created the article we will leave the game or we will see it until the end, we will see that a playable mode appears in the playlist, only that it is usually blocked until October 19, which means that we have less than two weeks to finish this season 13.

 We can conclude this guide on How to get the golden ticket in Apex Legends, you just have to follow the instructions given here and that's it.

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