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Angel Marquez
2022-02-07 14:16:14

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Welcome to our Apex Legends guide, in which we will talk about how to turn on low gravity Firing Range mode.

What to know about the low gravity Firing Range mode in Apex Legends?

Through the shooting range we have access to many interesting things, such as secrets and the mode that allows robots to move to shoot us, something that has been added by the developers will depend on some steps to activate them such as low gravity, something which can be considered rather a bug that occurs at the time of arrival in Valkyrie, this mode has the same situation that occurs when jetpacking when interacting with a zip line, so to know how to activate the low gravity shooting range mode we must follow some indications that will be presented in this guide below, let's see.

How to turn on low gravity Firing Range mode in Apex Legends?

With season 12 we have the opportunity to have low gravity mode in Apex Legends and to activate it we have to do the following:
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  • Go to the shooting range to play as Valkyrie.
  • We are going to fly in the air with the use of the jetpack until the fuel runs out and at that moment we change legend in the air.
  • Once we do it correctly at the moment we fall we must have low gravity activated.


  It's convenient that knowing how to activate the low gravity firing range mode the use of Pathfinder, because it has a grappling hook with zero gravity, which allows it to be excellent for the situation, considering the launch of platforms, being the developers who present the similarity to another game of their own, even in code we can have a great time being on the shooting range while waiting for new content.

  We can conclude that knowing how to turn on low gravity Firing Range mode is easier than thought with these indications presented, you just have to apply them and follow the fun in Apex Legends.

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