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In the universe contemplated in Apex Legends we have many tasks, one of them is How to playThe Broken Ghost quest Ghost and everything will be covered here.

What to know about Apex Legends?

With the arrival of the 5th season of this game, a series of quests have been brought that need to be completed during each week, in which it is necessary for unlocking part of the story that will be complicated throughout the game, an example This will lead us to understand how to play the quest The Broken Ghost and the most important details covered in this guide, therefore paying close attention is vital, let's do it next.

How to playThe Broken Ghost quest in Apex Legends?

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    Participation in any of the games that are available in Apex Legends gives us access to the beginning of the search the mission The Broken Ghost, where those game options are in pairs or trios, being the game mode classified, regardless of the way in which we are going to start it, what you have to do is choose a game to locate a treasure package, these are unique objectives of this season, without having to go through many problems to find them, however randomly it is possible to obtain, to find all over the map scattered in each of the available games, our allies can be of great help to find them.

    Once you have found the first treasure pack, the next step that we are going to do is complete the game, then we have the option to continue or go to the new icon that has to do with season 5, which is in the part At the top of our screen, clicking here, we will go next to the label that shows us the missions, this we have next to the track of the battle pass, with this first package of treasures in our possession, we may go to the prologue of The mission The Broken Ghost, which brings a short text that tells us about the legends, without saying anything about Revenant, where the purpose is to obtain more treasure packages, we found the following search on May 19, where before the end of that week we have a duty to find 4 treasure packs.

    This way we finish our guide to Apex Legends, now you know how to playThe Broken Ghost quest, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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