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Apex Legends: How to Get Octane’s Heirloom

2020-03-05 14:49:21

We bring you a guide of Apex Legends to help you with the necessary guidelines in the solution of How to obtain the Octane’s Heirloom.

In Apex Legends with the arrival of the system cancellation event, we can enter the Deja Loot mode, thus opting for an award that brings 2 legendary skins, in addition to 24 exclusivity cosmetics in this event, among the content that we are going to Having found that we must give the solution to How to obtain the Octane’s Heirloom, for this our guide will have the steps to follow in detail.

What should we know in order to obtain the Octane’s Heirloom in Apex Legends?

Something that we must take into account is that Octane’s Heirloom is not exclusive to this event, although it is launched as part of it, the system cancellation event runs from March 3 to 17, in this type you must obtain the 24 cosmetics, when they are completed, it is when it is completed it is when we are going to obtain the Octane’s Heirloom in our account, it is good then to see how to obtain these cosmetics, being a fundamental part if we wish to be able to solve How to obtain the Octane’s Heirloom.

How to get the event cosmetics in Apex Legends?

We have 2 options to get the system cancellation cosmetics, in the first way we have that the event packages can be bought simply, where each of these has the guarantee one of the cosmetics that we do not have, meaning that we must buy the 24 packages to 700 Apex coins for each one, being 16800 coins in total, the change in dollars will be 160.

Buying or handicrafts will be our options, in the purchase we are only going to buy the cosmetics together directly or by elaboration, individually we will need to make these purchases with apex coins or craft materials.

With the Apex coins we will pay 1800 for legendary and 1000 for epic, proving more difficult for the cost than buying only the cosmetic cancellation packages of the system, now if we have something, this may be one of the easiest ways to obtain the Octane’s Heirloom, if we go by the way of crafts, we have that of all this will be the most expensive option, being this one of 2400 for legendary and 800 for an epic, which will give a total of 38400, is too much, so It's a lot to save to spend and now let's see how to get Octane’s Heirloom from the event below.

How to get Octane’s Heirloom in Apex Legends?

Once the system cancellation event is over, after March 17, it will not mean that we cannot obtain the Octane’s Heirloom, because it will not disappear, we can obtain it through the Apex packages and the new system of the fragments of relics, arriving recently with this event, these fragments have the same function that it had to obtain them in the past, every time we open an Apex Pack we will obtain a fragment of relic, reaching 500 fragments, we will be able to change them for the relics we want instead of this happening randomly, this means that by opening the same number of packages as before, we will get the same amount of relic, we just must not run the risk of receiving a relic related to a character we don't use.

In this way our guide of Apex Legends has finished, getting to know how to obtain the Octane’s Heirloom and thus be able to advance in the tasks that are presented to us in this adventure.

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