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2020-09-18 09:15:19

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This article is everything you were looking for if you were wondering how to fix audio problems in season 6 in Apex Legends, because we've got you covered.

What is the audio problem in Apex Legends?

These are a series of sound bugs that have been in the game since launch, the biggest problem here is that there is no specific bug to focus on, as they occur in many different aspects of the game, from silent footsteps and weapons up to strange crackles and buzzes of audio, which quickly turns into a nightmare.

How to fix audio problems in season 6 in Apex Legends?

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The first thing you have to understand if you wonder how to fix audio problems in season 6, is that this is not a problem in the audio configuration, or hardware. Instead, the problem seems to be coming from within, so the only solution may come from Respawn.

The problem is that so far, the developers have not made any pronouncement on this problem, leaving the players in insecurity. Although they are probably already aware of what is happening, keep in mind that it is not the only problem that the game is currently presenting and they must have their hands full of work.

That's all we have to tell you, so now that you know how to fix audio
problems in season 6 in Apex Legends, we hope that you can resolve any audio issues you may be having in the game and that the developers take care of this. and other errors as soon as possible.

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