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Today's guide to Android and iPhone lets us talk to you about how to play music during a call.

Sometimes we find ourselves listening to music since it is a matter of the most normal and comfortable when it comes to Android and iPhone devices, however, these same devices are usually the most necessary tools when we are on a trip or performing some type of action related to our work, sometimes it has been a fairly complex matter to be able to answer a call directly that arises necessary to make it wait for some period of time and it is there where the function of playing music usually makes its respective appearance, sometimes we have the good fortune of listening to something pleasant, other times not so much, since only the voice that indicates "We are with you" will be repeated.

Some melodies are favorable when we are on hold in a call in Android and iPhone, however, it does not always happen this way, so that there is the possibility of knowing how to play music during a call during a call and that this can be exactly the ours, to give you more details about this we come with this interesting guide.

How to play music during a call on Android and iPhone?

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    It should be noted that this is an action that can well be done for each device in a particular way and silk in this way:

    Play music on Android: normally this option cannot be executed directly, this means that it is usually necessary to use third parties, for which it is usually feasible to use applications such as MX Player or simply Google Play Music, to name a few, it will only be enough to order us download and install it on an Android device, from there there is the possibility of enjoying a melody during this waiting period, it is only necessary:


    •  Choose to open the store on our Android phone and search for MX Player in the search bar.
    • Then we must locate the installation tab next to the application logo and install it on our phone as soon as it has been downloaded.
    • It should be noted that this application usually has a music file ready to play.
    • From there we will see the music available on our phone, for which it will only be enough to click on the settings button and choose to configure local playback.
    • We will see that this player has several marked options and these are usually blue, it is necessary to proceed to uncheck them with the solo playback.
    • Once this has occurred, we will have the option of listening to our music while we wait for a call.


     Play music on iPhone: this is a favorable option that we have, in such a way that Android and iPhone have options to not wait with the repeating voice or a melody that is not very pleasant, in this sense, specifically for iPhone requires from:


    •  Press the "Home" button which allows you to return to the home screen.
    • Next we proceed to open the "Music" application in order to select the song and proceed to press the play button.
    • Then it is necessary to press the green title bar in order to return to the call screen.


     We will see that the music begins to play immediately, but instead of coming out through the external speaker it is usually heard through the ear, in such a way that the person on the other side of the call cannot hear anything at all.

     This is all you need to know about how to play music during a call, so that there is a way to avoid listening to tedious chats while waiting for a call on Android and iPhone.

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