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This time we return with a Tinder guide, aiming to explain how to find someone.

What to know about Tinder?

This application has millions of users, we can find people of any age, with the purpose of establishing a relationship, now as to how to find someone it is not easy, but there are options that help us to know if a person is in this network, being the purpose of locating said person for whatever reason, to have an idea of how to find someone in Tinder, in this guide some answers are presented, let's see.

How to find someone on Tinder?

What we will do first is gone to the tab of our personal profile to enter the configuration, and we give it the preference, here we can highlight the option to put an age range as a reference and the location, then as for How to find someone in Tinder we will try the following:

 According to our location:
a kind of filter can be made that is related to a location, considering that it is something visible when using the Tinder application, then we establish our location, and we will see that the search radius will be smaller, even through our mobile we can change our GPS location.

Age: regarding How to find someone we can establish a search that considers the same range of our age, this option is in the location slider, here we place this as a preference.

The username: it is possible that the person is using an alias, but with the URL we can look for evidence that will determine if he is the person we are looking for, while we investigate we can determine through other social networks what his profile would be in Tinder and manage to solve How to find someone.

A phone number:
we have the option to search by entering a phone number to verify if it is in a profile, this means that it can also search other social networks to determine if it uses this application, revealing personal data and its user.

Facebook: there are many false profiles that can prevent determining that it is the same person we are looking for, but they cannot even be reported, there are also some tools to verify them, such as TopRomp that works in the search for profiles, the Facebook account will not be hacked because It is not in tinder, being possible to do it directly through it or through the tinder URL on Facebook.

Third-party tools:
looking for a profile can be easier with some tools, those that become paid have a high cost, if we do not have many limitations, these tools are certainly useful, capable of finding a profile only with the name, number or mail, without paying we can use Spokeo and paying we have catfished.

 Now that you know how to find someone, just give it a try and get the most out of this amazing application like Tinder.

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