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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-15 17:43:14

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Knowing how to use vents is simply an interesting task that we can do in Among Us.

What are the vents in Among Us?

  These are nothing more than a type of strategies used to win, especially those who most often use them are the impostors, of course this does not mean that the rest of the crew does not use them, because at the end of everything it is possible to have some number of conduits of entry and exit, generating some kind of advantage in the maps, since these shortcuts are simply usually favorable from any point of view.
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How to use vents in Among Us?

 These shortcuts are mostly used by impostors, as they are the ones who tend to sneak through these grids, for which it is necessary to use the vents avoiding as much as possible to allow us to be seen since doing so it is possible that they can summon a meeting and get us out.

 It is necessary to consider that it is vital to hide but this may have some not so interesting reactions to impostors because in these spaces it is not possible to carry out killings, since we can simply be sabotaged, however knowing how to use the vents makes us only have to :


  •  Enter the vent and get closer.
  • Once there, we are presented with the option of the sabotage button.
  • This allows us to replace it with the ventilation button.
  • Once this is done, we are given the possibility to click and observe an animation where it indicates that our character has entered through the vent.
 In conclusion, knowing how to use vents is simply interesting, as it offers us the opportunity to slip away in the middle of a compromising situation in Among Us.

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