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Lidia Rozo
2021-02-03 14:02:22

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We are back to the universe of Among Us, and therefore it is convenient to tell you about the Guide to keyboard controls for PC

What are the PC keyboard controls in Among Us?

It is important to know the controls to use because precisely these allow us a more comfortable mobility throughout this game that has been talked about and continues to be entertaining.

What is the PC Keyboard Controls Guide in Among Us?


  • Left arrow or A.
  • Right arrow or D.
  • Up Arrow or W Forward
  • Down arrow or S back.
  • Space bar or E.
  • Q to kill being an impostor.
  • R for the body of the report.
  • Tab to open the map.
  • The mouse is only necessary to interact in the mini-game.

 It is necessary to consider some interesting details in this game that is that there is only interaction with the mouse, there is no other exception, and it is only possible to combine controls by selecting a combination of keyboard plus mouse.
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Here is a list of the controls we require:

In the case of crew controls it is necessary:

  • Use the arrows up, down, left, right, precisely to move forward, back, left, right.
  • Make use of the R to report a body.
  • Make use of Tab in order to open the map.
  • Make use of either the space bar or the letter E to interact with the tasks.

These are the exclusive controls to use when you were an imposter:

  • Make use of the space bar or the E key in order to activate the fusion events because with this key we can open our sabotage map.
  • Make use of the Q key while alone and this allows us to get another way to kill a crewmate.
  • Using the E key allows us to activate the vents, only for this it is necessary to be careful in the case of trying to open the sabotage map.

 In this sense, knowing the keyboard controls guide for PC allows us to work at Among Us with more precision and thus reach the new objectives with which we come across.

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