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If you want to know how to sync audio and video in Adobe Premiere Pro, this article covers everything you need to know.

What is Adobe Premiere Pro?

This is video editing software developed by Adobe and published as part of Adobe Creative Cloud. It is aimed at professionals in the field and if you have ever used it, you may have realized that synchronizing audio with a video while editing in Premiere Pro is death.

Trying to match the words with someone speaking or with the audio of someone singing is tricky because it requires precision so that the end result doesn't look strange. So here we will tell you how to synchronize audio and video.

How to sync audio and video in Adobe Premiere Pro?

If you're wondering how to sync audio and video in Adobe Premiere Pro, the easiest way to do it is by syncing the two automatically, although sometimes Premiere might not do it perfectly, so you can always do it yourself manually.

How to sync audio and video in Adobe Premiere Pro? - Automatic

First, you must have both the have the audio file and the video file that you want to sync on your timeline in Premiere. It is very important that the video file has its original audio or else it will not be able to sync automatically.

When both files are on the timeline you will have to select both clips> right-click on the video file> Synchronize. Then you will have to choose the audio file to synchronize it> choose OK so that both elements are synchronized.

You can also merge both files and Premiere will sync the audio. First, for this you will have to locate the audio and video files that are going to be synchronized> hold down the Ctrl key on PC or Command on Mac> select the files> choose Combine clips to open the merge window.
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In this window you will have to select the Audio> select OK to obtain the combined audio and video file in your imported media.

How to sync audio and video in Adobe Premiere Pro? - Handbook

To manually sync you will have to add the original video as the audio to sync to the timeline. Bring the sliders down to the audio channels, allowing you to expand the internal and external audio of the video file.

This will allow you to see the pingos of the audio spectrum and having the peaks of both audios you will have to look for the similarities between the internal and the external. Once found you will have to align these similarities to make them match. The litmus test is playing the video to check if audio and video match correctly to eliminate internal audio.

To make this easier is that a clapperboard is used just when starting a recording, the important thing is not the element itself, but the sound. Closing the clapperboard when all is silent generates an audio peak in both video and audio itself, allowing you to easily sync using both peaks.

How to sync audio and video in Adobe Premiere Pro? - Considerations

It is important to create an audio sync point near the start of the audio, which will aid in both manual and automatic syncing.

When using manual sync, we recommend changing the time units at the top of your timeline, for which you will have to right-click on the timecode on the timeline> press Show time units' audio, allowing you to move the audio files in smaller increments, for more accurate timing.

That is all you have to know about how to sync audio and video in Adobe Premiere Pro, we hope we have been of help and that this allows you to improve your projects.

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