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TikTok has achieved a considerable boom which makes it convenient to tell you How to fix direct messages not working, let's see.

Why is direct messages not working in TikTok?

It is vital to understand that the DM is usually a mobile application which makes using it on PC simply throw us errors, in this sense, knowing how to fix direct messages do not work is usually a necessary task, especially considering that today TikTok forms part of many audiences all over the planet, it is convenient to indicate that this failure can occur due to:


  •   TikTok DMs is not loading the inbox.
  • We use the PC to send direct messages and this often does not go well.

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    How to fix direct messages not working in TikTok?

    Fortunately, there are several tactics to apply to respond to this failure, and we will describe them below:

    Choosing to verify the phone number: this is a simple enough action, but it is usually favorable, because when we log in with our email user ID we must go to the TikTok configuration, there we enter the phone number in order for us to send the respective text message and that's it.

    Change our date of birth: we continue in our task to know how to fix direct messages do not work and this leads us to change some details in the configuration, because although it is true, this platform can be used by minors, to be able to receive direct messages It is vital to be of legal age, in this sense, we must have more than 18 years of age, for this it is necessary:

    Choosing to change the year of birth and this leads us to contact the support area assuming that we have made a mistake in the registration, this in case of having configured it wrong, because it leads us to even provide proof of our year of birth, which does A more cumbersome process, in this sense, it is vital to be very attentive to our data when registering to avoid this type of inconvenience, because with problems in the date of birth we can hardly receive or send direct messages in TikTok.

    Choose to log out and re-enter the application: this is another way to know How to fix direct messages not working, for this it is necessary:


    •  Open the TikTok application on your mobile phone.
    • Proceed to click on the three points that we can see in the upper right part of our screen.
    • We proceed to press the "Privacy and security".
    • Then we click on "Who can send you direct messages", preventing it from being everyone.
    • Then we click on any of the options that we consider favorable and that's it.


    In general terms, knowing how to fix direct messages not working allows us to choose to make the necessary configuration and in this way continue to enjoy TikTok.

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