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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-03 14:23:57

More about: Zenith The Last City

Today we bring a Zenith The Last City guide where we will tell you how to respawn after death.

Why respawn from death in Zenith The Last City?

This is without a doubt a necessary action that usually occurs because there are high chances that in many parts of the game we will die, in this sense, it is necessary or take care of getting respawn, only that sometimes this process does not usually occur automatically manually and that is where it becomes necessary to continue reading this guide, where we explain everything you need to know about this process.

How to respawn after death in Zenith The Last City?

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When our character dies we will see that the screen usually remains black and white making it impossible to move quickly, but this is not there because in the last location where we were there is usually a smoke stain, normally a golden circle begins to appear and this one fills up slowly, however, sometimes this may not happen so that it becomes necessary to take care of opening the menu to select the map and access to travel to the fast travel point that can be located as close as possible.

 Upon reaching the point of travel our character will be forced to reappear and with this we are offered the opportunity to continue playing, this is usually practically an automatic mechanic and it is the best solution that can be applied or at least one that does not fail, here We only have one problem and that is that there is a high chance that this fast travel point could be quite far from the mission we were working on.

 Now that you know how to reappear after death, you can apply it and thus continue enjoying everything that Zenith The Last City has for you.

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