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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-03 15:43:30

More about: Zenith The Last City

The tasks are still latent in Zenith The Last City and that is why today we tell you how to change roles.

What does it mean to change roles in Zenith The Last City?

  This is a game where the possibilities are open to us to choose a player and a role as we consider favorable, so that changing roles can be feasible, this considering that there are a total of 3 interchangeable roles that can be applied once we have chosen and decided the class.

How to change role in Zenith The Last City?

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  • It is necessary to take care of going to the menu of our GodSotne, which is nothing more than the second tab on the right.
  • Then, we locate the left end of this menu in order to see the icon of a sword, a tank and a sign
  • These icons that we have found previously are tank and support DPS, we must take care of clicking on each of them in order to change the respective role.


 It is necessary to consider that:


  •  Each role is usually leveled up individually.
  • There is a cooldown of 60 seconds before switching roles again, in this sense, switching roles in an area that could be high level could cause us to run out of level and die.
  • It is necessary to take into account that each role has different class abilities.
  • We have the possibility of testing the skills according to the change of role that we make.
  • We must be sure before changing roles.


 In this sense, knowing How to change roles offers us the opportunity to play as different characters in Zenith The Last City.

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