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With our guide you will see that knowing How to level up fast in Warzone Season 3 is easier than you thought.

What to know about leveling up quickly in Warzone Season 3?

We are presented with different faster ways to level up weapons and rank in Warzone, we just have to take into consideration all the available opportunities regarding How to level up fast in Warzone Season 3 and in the following content they will be present, let's see.

How to level up fast in Warzone Season 3?

Bring the weapon that we want to improve

We can get a lot of passive experience with our weapons in Warzone if we carry them with us. Even simple actions like opening a chest will increase the level of our weapon. Let's not just use the weapon we want to upgrade to kill. Always keep it ready and our ranking will increase without much effort.

Complete contracts

Completing passive rewards like Collector or Info Loader gives us a lot of experience without having to fight enemies. We equip the weapon we want to improve by completing passive contracts on the map and we will gain a lot of experience.

Take advantage of the weekend and double our experience cards.

Occasionally during the MW3 and Warzone seasons, Activision offers Double XP on weekends, which is the best time to play if we want to update our content. Additionally, we will earn double XP tokens in the Battle Pass and for participating in the campaign, so use them when implementing the strategies listed above and we will level up our weapons twice as much.

Play with our friends using party masks.

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MW3 and Warzone have added the Team Skin Rewards feature, which allows us to earn additional XP by playing specific Operator skins available in team packs in the store. To receive this reward, we must create a party of three friends in the game, each of whom will use the party interface to earn Double XP, Double Weapon XP, and Double Battle Pass XP.

Play with friends (PlayStation only)

As part of Sony's MW3 benefits, those of us playing on PlayStation on a team will receive 25% more weapon XP than normal. So if we play on PlayStation, let's make sure we are in a group with our friends and we will earn even more XP.

Having the game

It is true that this is an expensive way to level up faster in Warzone, but having Modern Warfare 3 will give us additional XP for playing Warzone. Multiplayer in Modern Warfare 3 is a fast and reliable way to level up, as its action-packed nature allows us to accumulate many kills and gain experience. Additionally, Invasion and War modes offer great opportunities to kill and gain experience using simple weapons.

Level up the Battle Pass

Leveling up in Warzone Battle Pass is a fairly slow process, so we will want to earn as much XP as possible in a short period of time. To do this, quick modes like Plunder and Rebirth are perfect for gaining a lot of experience quickly. Additionally, MW3 Zombies is great for leveling up quickly, and playlists with smaller maps are also great for completing the Battle Pass efficiently.

Finally, now that we are aware of How to level up fast in Warzone Season 3, we will only have to do it to gain experience more quickly and be better prepared in this incredible game.

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