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Master How to Defeat UFO in Warzone DMZ. Discover tips & tricks to take your gameplay to another galaxy!

Welcome to Operation Nightmare in Warzone DMZ! Brace yourself for an encounter like no other as you navigate the treacherous terrain near Al Mazrah and the Sawah Village Coastline. In this thrilling mission, you'll be pitted against a formidable foe - a UFO! Get ready to embark on an adventure where caution is key, especially with the added challenge of night mode. The objective? Take down the UFO by attacking the illuminated sphere in the sky. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to defeat the UFO and claim your well-deserved rewards.

How to Defeat UFO in Warzone DMZ

Locating and Interacting with the UFO

The first step in this epic encounter is to locate the UFO. Keep an eye out for a spaceship icon on the map, precisely at Al Mazrah. Once you've identified its location, be prepared for a thrilling journey. However, exercise caution while approaching the UFO, as the night mode feature adds an extra layer of challenge. The darkness can make it difficult to spot enemies and navigate the area, so stick together with your team and use your tactical skills to your advantage.

To defeat the UFO, you'll need to attack an illuminated sphere in the sky. This sphere represents the UFO's health, and your objective is to deplete it. Coordinate with your team and focus your fire on the sphere to bring the UFO crashing down.

 Progressing through Three Phases

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Defeating the UFO involves progressing through three phases. Each phase presents its own set of challenges and surprises, so be prepared for the unexpected. Without revealing too much detail or spoilers, let's briefly look at what each phase entails.

In the first phase, you'll be tasked with breaking through the UFO's formidable defenses. This phase will test your ability to strategize and adapt to changing circumstances. Work together with your teammates to overcome the obstacles and move closer to victory.

The second phase will require you to uncover the secrets hidden within the UFO. Explore the surroundings, solve puzzles, and gather valuable information that will aid you in your mission. Keep your wits about you as you navigate the UFO's interior and uncover its weaknesses.

Finally, in the third phase, you'll face off against the UFO's powerful defenses. This is the moment where your teamwork and coordination will be put to the ultimate test. Stay vigilant, communicate effectively, and work together to take down the UFO once and for all.

 Collecting Souls and Claiming Rewards

Upon completing all three phases and defeating the UFO, your mission doesn't end there. You'll have the opportunity to collect souls next to the artifact. These souls play a crucial role in The Haunting event and will be vital in claiming your rewards.

The rewards for defeating the UFO and collecting souls are truly exciting. You can expect a range of goodies, such as weapon blueprints and character skins. These exclusive items will not only enhance your gaming experience but also showcase your triumph over the formidable UFO.

Placing Artifacts on Portals and Exfiling

After defeating the UFO and claiming your rewards, the mission continues. You'll need to utilize ropes or ladders to place artifacts on portals scattered throughout the area. These portals are an integral part of your next mission or encounter, so ensure you exfil with the necessary resources.

Exfiling with resources is crucial for your continued success in Warzone DMZ. By securing the artifacts and making a successful escape, you'll be ready to take on new challenges and unlock even more thrilling experiences.

 Unlocking Exclusive Items by Eliminating Other Bosses

The UFO encounter is just one of the many boss battles in Warzone DMZ. Your journey doesn't end with the defeat of the UFO. By eliminating other bosses, you'll have the opportunity to unlock exclusive items that add depth and replayability to your gaming experience. These items are a testament to your skills and will set you apart from other players.

In Operation Nightmare, the encounter with the UFO in Warzone DMZ is a test of your skills, coordination, and teamwork. Approach this challenge with caution, as the night mode adds an extra layer of difficulty. By locating and interacting with the UFO, progressing through the three phases, collecting souls, and claiming your rewards, you'll emerge victorious. Remember to utilize ropes or ladders to place artifacts on portals and exfil with resources for your next mission. And don't forget, defeating the UFO is just the beginning. By eliminating other bosses, you'll unlock exclusive items that will enhance your gaming experience.

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