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Learn the ultimate strategies to How to defeat The Pharoah in Warzone DMZ on our website.

Welcome, brave warriors, to our comprehensive guide on how to defeat The Pharaoh, the formidable monster lurking within the Warzone & DMZ game. Located in the Oasis Point of Interest (POI) in Al Mazrah, The Pharaoh is a challenging adversary that will test your skills and determination. In order to conquer this mighty foe, you must collect Cursed Skulls dropped by AI enemies with bright yellow eyes. Fear not, for this friendly guide will equip you with effective strategies to awaken and defeat The Pharaoh.

How to defeat The Pharoah in Warzone DMZ

Section 1: Collecting Cursed Skulls

To stand a chance against The Pharaoh, you must first gather the necessary Cursed Skulls. These skulls are dropped by AI soldiers with bright yellow eyes, who continuously spawn throughout the game. When defeated, these soldiers have a chance of dropping red-glowing skulls. It is crucial to eliminate these enemies and collect as many Cursed Skulls as possible to prepare for the impending battle.

As you explore the Oasis POI, keep a sharp eye out for these AI soldiers. Engage them in combat and dispatch them swiftly to increase your chances of obtaining Cursed Skulls. Remember, the more skulls you collect, the better prepared you will be to face The Pharaoh.

Section 2: Awakening The Pharaoh

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With a pocket full of Cursed Skulls, it's time to awaken The Pharaoh from its slumber. The process of awakening this ancient menace involves carrying the collected Skulls to its Sarcophagus. The Sarcophagus can be found in a designated area within the Oasis POI.

Approach the Sarcophagus, and you will notice slots on both sides of it. This is where the Cursed Skulls must be placed to awaken The Pharaoh. Carefully insert the Skulls into the slots, ensuring they are properly positioned. Once all the Skulls are in place, the ground will shake, and The Pharaoh will rise, ready to engage in battle.

Section 3: Defeating The Pharaoh

Now that The Pharaoh has been awakened, it's time to face off against this formidable opponent. To defeat The Pharaoh, you must employ strategic tactics and utilize powerful weapons.

In terms of weaponry, bullets and explosives will be your best allies. Be sure to equip yourself with firearms and grenades that deal significant damage. Aim for The Pharaoh's weak spots, which are marked by glowing red areas on its body. Focus your attacks on these vulnerable points to maximize your damage output.

However, it is crucial to maintain a safe distance from The Pharaoh at all times. This monstrous creature possesses a devastating finishing move that can instantly defeat players who venture too close. Keep your distance and engage in hit-and-run tactics, taking cover whenever necessary. This will allow you to chip away at The Pharaoh's health while minimizing the risk of being taken out by its deadly attacks.

Utilize the environment to your advantage. The Oasis POI offers various structures and objects that can provide cover and allow for strategic maneuvering. Make use of these elements to create a tactical advantage and outsmart The Pharaoh.

Congratulations, brave warriors! You have reached the end of our comprehensive guide on defeating The Pharaoh in Warzone DMZ. We have covered the essential steps, from collecting Cursed Skulls to awakening and ultimately defeating this fearsome opponent. Remember to remain vigilant and persistent in your pursuit of victory. Collect as many Cursed Skulls as possible, awaken The Pharaoh by placing them in the slots on its Sarcophagus, and engage in battle with powerful weapons and strategic tactics. Always keep a safe distance and utilize cover to your advantage. We wish you the best of luck on your journey to conquer The Pharaoh. May your aim be true, your movements swift, and your will unyielding. May victory be yours, brave warriors!

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