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Find out how to turn on Reactive Crystal in this excellent and explanatory Warframe guide.

What to know about Reactive Crystal in Warframe?

These are some broken monoliths that we are going to find scattered throughout the map, these do not have a fixed place since they seem to move, while we are exploring in Deimos it is necessary that we know how to activate Reactive Crystal and the answers will be presented in the following content of this guide, let's see it below.
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    How to turn on Reactive Crystal in Warframe?

    To activate Reactive Crystal it is necessary that we make a change in our operator form and make shots with our Amp, which will cause its operation to be optimal, in most cases an energy dome will be formed through this, we will see that they all have something similar that can confuse us, it is a symbol that has to do with a requiem relic, considering that the functions are different, among them we have that some will be able to form a shield to prevent enemies from giving us , the function of others is that the enemies attack their infested companions, there are also some that allow rare resources to fall through the enemies when killing them.

    There are many more functions to discover, so this content will surely have to be updated, under the surface it is also possible to find Reactive Crystal, this when we are doing the missions for mother, which will be very useful to face a significant amount of Infested enemies, the cooling of each crystal is short, it is ideal that we find one in the right place and thus activate it when it stops working with our Amp.

     In this way we finish our Warframe guide, now you know how to activate Reactive Crystal, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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