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Warframe: How To Open Void Relics - tips and tricks

2019-10-22 13:06:24

Many players have their doubts in Warframe about how to open relics of emptiness in order to get Prime weapons, in this guide we will tell you everything.

All Warframe players are looking for a way to become powerful in the face of their enemies, and they are always looking for a way to get new Primes and Warframes weapons, but in order to get them, it's essential to cultivate and open relics from the void, then we'll tell you how to do it.

How to get Void Relics in Warframe?

Obtaining Void Relics is very simple, you only have to complete missions in the game, the relics you get as rewards when you have completed a task or rotations in the missions, now to open them you need to do a particular type of mission.  In order to open the relics, you have to run Void Fissures in Warframe, you will get this right on the screen of your browser, right in the top right corner, there you will be able to see the enumeration of all active missions of Fisura del Vacío, all missions offer different levels of difficulty, everything will depend on the relic you want to open at that time.

How to open Void Relics in Warframe?

Note that common is the most prone to fall, while Rare is less prone, you have the option if you like to infuse Traces of Emptiness into the relic, this for the purpose of obtaining rarer objects. Once you load the selected mission in Warframe you only have to play in a normal way, make sure to kill all your enemies that are around them these has golden energy, it is possible that they contain traces of vacuum that you must collect, it is essential that you collect ten Traces of the Void so you can open the relic of the selected void.

Once you manage to extract what all the Void Relics contain, the obtained elements will appear on the screen and you will be able to choose the one you want, you will be able to see the name together with the rarity of the element, so choose the one you like the most. Now if what you want is a specific element, we recommend that you visit the Recruitment Channel in the chat and search Red Share, most players update the relics to Radiante, this offers the opportunity to get the Rate drop.

  After all this you only have to execute the chosen mission in Warframe you must do it together as a group, with this it is possible to diminish the time so that you can obtain the strange things that you expect, it is important that you take into account while you are in the recruiting chat, which relic you are going to execute as well as the level where you want to obtain it, this way people will know if it is good or not to join your group.

  You only have to try your luck in Warframe, now you know how to get and open the Void Relics, we hope our guide has been very helpful, remember our advice before choosing what to do in your game, thank you for preferring us.

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