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Apex Legends: How to Get Vault Key

2019-10-22 11:23:43

The Apex Legends game brings players a new challenge, it's about getting the Vault Key, in this guide we'll tell you how to get it.

The challenge of which we will bleat in this guide is how to get the key to the vault in Apex Legends, once you have it in your possession you can open the vault which will contain high level booty, it is important to keep in mind that there are a total of 3 vaults on the map, so first you have to get the key to open them, to receive the big rewards.  

How to get the Vault Key in Apex Legends?

 Unfortunately getting the key won't be immediate, but it's not hard to get it either, you'll notice some bright drones that fly through space, it's possible that some of them have the Vault Key inside, when you see drones with red lights in the balls of booty, no doubt they will have one of these keys.

To guarantee this booty in Apex Legends you have to shoot the drone that carries the ball, you can not shoot the ball, because the ball will stop changing color once you have shot, but if the ball is red sure contains a key, this is one of the best tricks you should consider.

  Once you have secured a key in Apex Legends you can easily see the locations of the vaults before opening them on the game map, when you go to the vaults you have to be very careful when approaching, it is possible that they are guarded by other characters who could be ambushed.

What can you do with the key?

Already with the Vault Key in its power you can open them, within them you can get a variety of items of purple and gold, this will give good advantages to your team, it is important to know that once opened the vaults disappear from the map, this indicates that another team will notice when another rival dries one of the vaults, so be sure to get the first three.

That's all, we hope that our Apex Legends guide has been very helpful, now you know how to get the Vault Key in the game, remember that if another team gets a specific vault will be removed from the map.

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February 4, 2019
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