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Warframe: How To Get The Masseter

2019-11-05 05:33:20

We bring to you a guide with everything you need to know about how to build and how to get the masseter in Warframe.

In the most recent expansion called The Old Blood we find a weapon, an artifact that provides immunity while we cause strong attacks, and as if this were not enough it is a melee weapon, capable of crushing enemies, so let's see what exactly is the masseter about.

Why build the masseter in Warframe?

Building this weapon focuses us exactly on the statistics, according to the great damage that this article can cause, since according to the attitude control, having this device is an excellent option to keep us alive, mainly when we execute combat of a good level elevated, the ideal here is to focus on the Condition Overload, Bloodrush and Bezerker modes, according to the great damage it causes, it also has another very interesting advantage and that this is the ideal weapon if we want to stay alive in the combat of more levels high.

As this weapon focuses mainly on statistics due to its excellent potential to cause damage, it is rather a hybrid weapon, on the one hand we find an attack called slam, which allows us to knock down enemies, which allows us to obtain the control, on the other hand, we have another attack called Cleaving Whirlwind, with it we can generate a good amount of blows and make it a turning weapon to rotate, since it causes the blows while we rotate, since this is a body weapon to body that uses Grendel and contains spikes.

How can we get the masseter in Warframe?

To acquire the weapon we must first complete an investigation which consists of finding the plan of this weapon, and then reproduce replicas for the other members of our clan, the plan can be purchased in Tenno's laboratory and this has a cost that we will detail in the next list.

With 20,000 credits you can get the statistics of Massage:

  • 2 Argon crystals.
  • 650 Cryotic.
  • 22 Oxium.
  • 8600 Salvage.

With 10,000 credits, these manufacturing costs are achieved:

  • 2 Galium
  • 1,200 bundles of polymers.
  • 1,450 Rubedo.
  • 3,250 alloy plate.

These are the statistics of the Masetero in Warfame.
Type: heavy blade.

  • Combo Duration 5s.Puncture damage: 106.
  • Mastery Rank: 108.
  • Range: 2.9 m.
  • Impact damage: 135.
  • State Probability: 2 percent
  • Attack Speed: 1.0
  • Hematocrit probability: 24 percent
  • Black Angle, 55 degrees.
  • Crit multiplied: 2x.

Postures - Whirlwind unfolding, tearing crane, Tempo Royale

Finally, we hope that our explanation about the Masetero has been helpful and you can build this excellent weapon in Warframe.

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Action role-playing
Digital Extremes
Digital Extremes
Release date:
March 25, 2013

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