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Warframe: How to Get Moonlight Dragonlily

2020-01-02 12:09:16

The central axis of this article will be in the specific direction of How to obtain the Moonlight Dragonlily in Warframe.

In Warframe we will run into the spectra of the silver grove, in this house it will be of great importance that we know how to obtain the Lily of the Moon, which is a plant that is in the mosaic of the Grineer forest at night, for more specific details the following content will be perfect to clarify existing doubts about it, so pay attention.

What is the Moonlight Dragonlily in Warframe?

We have that it is in a tall, green plant that has a white flower, which grows around a level in small groups, we must scan it with our codex or synthesis scanner if we want to harvest this plant, with this obtained resource we can perform the update of the Cross-Matrix Widget, obtaining it in Cephalon Simarispor 50,000 standing for our synthesis scanner, with this it is possible that we count any scan in a 45 percent success as its 2 scans and thus double the resource means.

How to get the Lily of the Moon in Warframe?

E. Prime or Mantle on Earth will be our destinies to follow if we want to harvest this plant, these missions will be available in large mosaic situations, where there is ample land, puddles of water and we may harvest this plant in a Only inn, to make the Apothoic Nightfall you need the Moon Lily, for this there are the following locations:

Sunlight Throne Cones

In the missions of the Grineer forest, they are in the day

Dusklight Sarracenia

In the missions of the Gunner of Grineer, in the swampy waters

Moonlight Dragonlily

In the missions of the Grineer forest, specifically at night they are

Sometimes it may be necessary to verify the schedule in the game, for this we can do it on websites, these can be Deathsnack's Stuff or Warframe Hub, in this way we will have access to know the time in the game and the time of day and night, Apart from this it must be taken into account that these resources cannot be scanned automatically with the Helios Sentinel, so to collect them we must use the codex or synthesis scanner.

This concludes this explanation presented in this article, with the main theme How to obtain the Moonlight Dragonlily in Warframe, we hope with these guidelines it will be useful to all who read this content.

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