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Warframe: How To Get Mesa - tips and tricks

2019-12-09 08:18:53

In the text found in the following article, it is intended to explain how to obtain Mesa in Warframe.

In Warframe we have Mesa, known as the holster, which is capable of ending his enemies with the regulatory guns that he possesses, in addition, he can gather the damage that this cause by his weapons with Ballistic Battery, the good thing is that it also serves us To channel in one shot, the gallery also helps the damage caused by our allies at the same time block enemy weapons, for many advantages it is good that we know how to get Mesa and that is the central theme of this article .

What should we do to get Mesa in Warframe?

The mission of Alad V Mutalist Murder in Eris will give us access to the Mesa component plans, for this we must complete the search for Patient Zero, so we will obtain the murder key, then the navigation coordinates of Alad V Mutalist must be to collect, to do so we must carry out the infested invasion missions, which we will gain from the survival missions or the battle payment.

How to get Mesa in Warframe?

Once we know what to do, we must have the necessary resources to build the Mutalista Alad V murder key, this will take us 1 hour to build:

  • Credits x 20000
  • Alad Mutalist coordinate V x 1
  • Navigation Coordinates x 6
  • Nanospores x 2500
  • Ferrite x 750

At the time of death, you can drop an Alad V Mutalist component project and for each type there is a success rate:

  • 38 percent Chassis
  • 38 percent Neuropathics
  • 22 percent Systems

In the market we can pay 30,000 credits for the main plan, having all the plans we must have the following resources to build Mesa in our Foundry:

  • Credits x 15000
  • Morphology X 1
  • Nanospores x 1000
  • Oxium x 50
  • Plastides x 300

  • Credits x 15000
  • Alloy plate x 1500
  • Polymer pack
  • Plastides x 500
  • Neural sensors x 2

  • Credits x 15000
  • Argon Crystal x 1
  • 500 x circuits
  • Nanospores x 1600
  • Polymers package x 300

12 hours will be the time it will take each component to be built, at the same time it will be possible to do it, after we have them built we can use them next to the originate table plane to be able to create Warframe, 3 days it takes Table to be built, with the option Premium of the game we can skip all the times and achieve it instantly.

This is the end of this article, in which there are all the answers that were needed to know how to get Mesa in Warframe, our expectations are that it will be useful for readers of this content.
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