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Today we bring you a Warframe guide where we will explain how to get Inaros Prime Relics.

What should we know about Inaros Prime Relics in Warframe?

The relics are as follows:

  • Rare Relic Lith M6 Systems
  • Meso I1 Rare Relic of Neuropathics
  • Not-so-common Neo T3 chassis relic
  • Not so common relic Axi W1 insole

By means of the recommended relics we will have access to the different components necessary for the construction of the Inaros Prime, taking into account the idea of ​​any that we can find that we must consider that to know how to obtain the Inaros Prime Relics what we have to do correctly, then let's see the explanatory content about it in the following content.

How to get Inaros Prime Relics in Warframe?

With the relics that we are going to obtain, it allows us that Inaros Prime is within our reach, something that really does not have much time to achieve, so that we can carry out some activities according to the class of the relic and these are the following:
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    • The mission in Hepit of the Void leads us to get a relic of Lith once we complete it
    • The defensive mission that is located in Io Jupiter leads us to get the Meso relic, for this we have to repeat a total of 10 waves for said agriculture
    • Rotation A of Xini's interception mission on Eris allows us to collect the Neo relic
    • We have that the rotations of mission B and C in Xini in Eris give us access to an Axi relic, where the same area allows us to cultivate the Neo and Axi

    Our path to follow when we have all the options to open them will be the void fissure missions, allowing us to obtain Inaros Prime.

    Finally, now that we know how to get Inaros Prime Relics we can continue on Warframe.

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