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Warframe: How to Get Amalgam Barrel Diffusion

2020-01-03 11:22:33

We will focus the discussion of this guide specifically on How to get the amalgam barrel diffusion in Warframe.

What is the diffusion of the amalgam barrel in Warframe?

In the game it is a hybrid mod, which rewards gun multi-shots and evasion speed, in a construction if used, it will not be possible for the diffusion mod of the barrel to be used, the question we come to solve in this guide , is How to get the amalgam barrel diffusion, for this we will take into account the following indications

How to get amalgam barrel diffusion in Warframe?

The Thermia Fractures event in Orb Vallis is the key to obtaining this mod, in this we must get 50 points, at this time the event is more frequent, being the Coolant Raknoids kill, serving the parts of these for the seal of the Termia fractures, 1 point for each of these, if we fill a boat will be 7 points, killing the Coolant Raknoids, so we will unlock the spread of the amalgam barrel with the 50 points achieved.

We have the benefits of spreading the amalgam barrel will be the following:
  •   Rango 5   110por ciento Multidisparo,  60por ciento  Velocidad de Esquiva
  •    Rango 4   91por ciento Multidisparo,  50por ciento Velocidad de Esquiva
  •    Rango 3   73por ciento Multidisparo,  40por ciento Velocidad de Esquiva
  •    Rango 2   55por ciento Multidisparo,  30por ciento Velocidad de Esquiva
  •    Rango 1   37por ciento Multidisparo,  20por ciento Velocidad de Esquiva
  •   Rango 0   18por ciento Multidisparo,  10por ciento Velocidad de Esquiva

This mod does not really have power, the mod standard gives greater amount of bonus, in the game we have that the evasion speed is something null for all Warframes, Limbo is the only one that can benefit, allowing you to make your dodge-shift faster, the benefit exists in our gun to give the speed of evasion, to get the bonus it is not important that you have the weapon in your hand, reaching the maximum of 15 in the range 5 has a great modulation capacity, it is certainly possible that we will not use the amalgam barrel diffusion, but it will be good that we have it available, it is possible that later it can be modified in some impact thanks to some patch, so we do not leave it out of our radar.

We have concluded this guide, being our theme of this How to achieve the diffusion of the amalgam barrel in Warframe, we hope that these guidelines indicated here in this content can provide the help that was expected by our readers.

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
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Digital Extremes
Release date:
March 25, 2013

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