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Quick guide to learn How to do a Mercy Kill in Warframe

  In Warframe mercy kills allow you to instantly kill a target that has dropped to 5 percent of its health. To increase this percentage you must have an accumulation of damage which you will see as this will increase considerably.

Even so, we will talk to you in more detail to explain how to do this more successfully.
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    How to do a Mercy Kill in Warframe?

    The game will send you a signal when you can perform a mercy kill because it will show you a red symbol, shown in the image above, will appear above the enemy's head. You can then interact with them using the onscreen button that you are asked to perform the kill. Mercy kills have spawned animations, much longer than the average finisher.

    These types of murders are carried out with your Parazon, a multiple Tenno tool that all Warframes wear on their wrist.

    In addition to that, the Parazon can be used to hack, kill Kuva Liches and Kuva Thralls or Larvlings except for the Kuva Lich, it will count as a Mercy Kill for the Nightwave challenge.

    With all this said, performing mercy murders with certain modifications attached will leave statistical and gaming benefits that you will not get from the finalists.

     The How to do a Mercy Kill in Warframe will allow you to understand what combos and attacks work in addition to making better attacks in game, with this said to Prepare!

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