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Guide to learn how to kill a Kuva Thrall in Warframe

  For those new to this type of game, in Warframe, the Kuva Thrall have been the custom enemies that can torment Tenno while trying to figure out how to kill them. For anyone with an active Kuva Lich, finding a Thrall is easy, just by starting a game you will see that they will begin to appreciate.

They will be marked on the screen with a red reference point, making it easy to track them down, strip them of their health bar, and then kill them with a Mercy Assassination. Anyway, we prepared this guide to explain you step by step How to kill a Kuva Thrall in the game and for this, there is a special system.
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    How to kill a Kuva Thrall in Warframe?

    The first thing you should take into account to achieve this goal is that you will have to play until the mission The War Within, after that, you will be able to access the content of Kuva Lich. After achieving this you must find a Kuva Larvling.

    To give you a bit of insight these beings can appear randomly on any Grineer mission, but we prefer Cassini on Jupiter because it is a very fast capture mission. The Kuva Larvling will appear in the mission and a landmark will appear.

    Follow the preference points, kill the Larvling and he will fall to his knees. Then an icon will appear above your head, showing you which weapon the Kuva Lich will spawn will have. If you want the weapon, kill the Larvling with a Mercy kill. In case you want to get another weapon, just replay this quest until you feel satisfied.

    As said enemy will be dead the Lich will begin to spawn and will take over some nodes in his Star Chart. You will notice this because they will be marked by a red cloud of Kuva that surrounds the planet and the nodes. These nodes will spawn Kuva Thralls when you play missions on them, so just go to one of them, find a Thrall and kill it.

     With this said, the How to kill a Kuva Thrall in Warframe will be easier to know how to find them to achieve your end. so you just have to start preparing for the next battles. Good luck!

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