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Warframe: How to beat Lephantis

2020-01-13 12:54:32

With this guide on how to beat Lephantis in Warframe we have everything covered so you can finish quickly with this boss.

Who is Lephantis in Warframe?

He is an infested boss that we can find in Orokin, he has three heads and each one represents a different faction and each one is armed enough.  The Infest Corpus head has poison grenades, the Grineer head has a massive scythe and the ancient infested head will fire explosive spores.

How to beat Lephantis in Warframe - Search?

The first thing you should know about how to defeat Lephantis, is that to defeat this boss you have two options to find him, the first one is when the mission related to him produces as part of an outing, but if it's not for the encounter you will be required to create an abandoned assassination key and for this you will need the following requirements:100 circuits.

  • 7500 credits.
  • 1000 rescue.
  • 5 Lephantis navigation coordinates (which you can get by completing missions in Orokin Derelict's tile set).
  • 4000 nanospores.

How to beat Lephantis in Warframe - Damage Mechanics?

This boss has a damage limit on its shots, and is immune to state effects, so simply blunt weapons will not be the best options, instead we recommend using weapons with a much faster shot such as the Soma Prime, modified for Slash, Blast and Corrosive.

But keep in mind that by doing less damage, you'll need much more ammunition to finish him off, so you'll need to carry large amounts of ammunition.

How to beat Lephantis in Warframe - Battle?

Start the battle and we recommend you to start attacking the most vulnerable points in the heads of Lephantis when they are not hidden.  Use a Nova that is slow enough and long-lasting rhinos for these points.

In the first stage of the battle, the heads will cross the ground and attack, so we recommend that you continue to attack these weak spots while avoiding the clouds of toxin.

Try to finish off the enemies that will be spawned, this to get energy and ammunition, plus this will allow you to get the ground under you to break and fall into a cave where you will have to face all three heads at once.  We recommend to start destroying one head and then move on to another until you destroy them, leaving the melee head as the last one.

Again Rhino will be an excellent option, ten in mind that Iron Skin will protect you from Toxin, besides allowing you to revive your allies safely, and Stomp will help you open holes to damage the boss.

Leave Titania with her guns and Razorwing, while Frost defends himself well with a snow globe to slow down the boss.  You can arrange this the way you want as long as Warframe is Hildryn.

This is all you need to know about how to beat Lephantis in Warframe, this "depressing boss" in a state of abandonment will no longer be a problem for you now that you know everything necessary to finish him off, so we hope you manage to defeat him as soon as possible without many complications.

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Digital Extremes
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March 25, 2013

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