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With our help you will see that knowing How to solve the 3 questions in the Mindspace for Zenless Zone Zero? is easier than you thought.

The purpose of resolving the three questions in Mindspace in Zenless Zone Zero is central to the History Commission, A Perilous Duty. It involves solving three questions and one crucial question in Qingyi's Mindspace to progress in the quest.

How to solve the 3 questions in the Mindspace for Zenless Zone Zero?

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Before you can solve the three questions in Mindspace in Zenless Zone Zero, it is necessary to complete the "Invisible Assistant" Story Commission in Chapter 2 - Interlude. After performing this action, you will be able to automatically unlock the Perilous Duty Story Commission as you progress through the story. Enter the Hollow and help Zhu Yuan and Qingyi enter the Hollow until you end up in the area full of evidence.

In this section, you can collect a total of six pieces of evidence. Please use the ejectors to your advantage to secure everyone before entering Qingyi's Mind Space. The initial question in the left area of ​​the Mindspace is presented below:

"A tool box from a heavy automobile was left at the scene and a forklift was found in good condition." It is feasible to infer a conclusion: How were the culprits found?

The answer to this question is "Drive". Continue with the top question presented:

The nearby forklift is inoperable due to Employability Effects (EMP), and there is some hard-to-identify evidence at the scene that may respond. How did the guilty individuals leave the scene?

"On foot" is the appropriate answer to the second question. Enter the right side of Mindspace for the third question. This states:

A severely damaged and illegally modified Bangboo was found at the scene, which is related to the content of the recording. Who does this damaged Bangboo come from?
"The culprits" is the answer you must choose in order to solve the three questions of Mindspace. Once you have answered the three answers, a crucial question is presented in the virtual Mindspace, the objective of which is:

By combining all the clues and deductions collected, it is possible to formulate hypotheses... Where are the culprits at this moment?

The "Not far from here" option is selected to complete the resolution of all questions in Mindspace. You can now continue with the Commission looking at the replay of the case to find additional leads to pursue. Apply password 54321 to unlock the hidden exit. Continue fighting the culprits and conclude the Commission.

Zenless Zone Zero Dangerous Duty Tradeoffs.

Below are the rewards listed for completing the Dangerous Duty Story Commission in ZZZ:

  • The amount of the knots is x500
  • x60 mm polychrome.
  • Official record of the researcher x8 Official record of the researcher.
  • Registration of intern researchers interns x8
  • Power supply of motor W x4 motor W x4
  • Motor battery W x4
  • The algorithm module named Bangboo x2.
  • x22,000 denies

This is all that is required to solve the 3 questions of Mindspace for Zenless Zone Zero, you just have to follow the instructions to achieve it in this fun game.

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