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Guide to learn How to play Hell Rush in multiplayer mode in Monster Train

Surely you have already noticed that the mutljugaror mode in Monster Rush is somewhat complicated to achieve, but hey! There is a way to play privately and we will show you how.

How to play Hell Rush in multiplayer mode in Monster Train?

There are a couple of ways to play How to Play Hello Rush in multiplayer on Monster Train with friends. The first is simple: click on them at the same time by clicking the 'Play' button under Hell Rush simultaneously.

By doing this you can enter a lobby where you will be joined by a lot of other players but in case you want to create a private room there is a way.
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Steps to follow:

  • - Head to the 'Multiplayer' menu. This can be found just below 'Single Player' in the main menu.
  • - You must click "Play" in the "Custom challenges" option. The rightmost option in the menu, Custom Challenges allows you to create your own unique games and challenges.
  • -select the 'Create challenge' option. Then, access a menu where you can customize your challenge to your liking.
  • -Change 'Hell Rush' to On. Then you can choose the Primary and Allied clans for the specific challenge, as well as the Mutators to bring it to life. You can even increase the rank of the Covenant to 25 to make things really scary.
  • -Then I challenge your challenge. and this is your last chance to edit the details.
  • -Copy the link by right clicking to copy the link and send it to your friends.
  • -Start execution at the same time. Click on 'Start Run' and it will exit. The game starts when there are 2 people in the lobby, so if you have more do not hesitate to invite them.

And ready! have a private server at your disposal ready to play.

How to play Hell Rush in multiplayer mode in Monster Train can be an alternative in case you want to avoid playing with strangers and having fun with your trusted people.

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