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Valorant: How to increase your win rate

2020-04-21 09:24:18

Knowing how to increase your win rate is necessary as long as we keep playing Valorant, let's see.

How to increase your win rate in Valorant?

  It is good to be clear that Valorant is simply a shooter game, therefore pulling the trigger is a fundamental part of the skills here, the ideal is to avoid falling somewhere unsuccessful but if you do fall it is necessary to get a lot of hard work done, where it is necessary to focus on the shots and do everything possible to hit it, because performance depends on how to increase your victory rate.

  It is ideal to spend a large part of the game dedicating yourself to using the crosshair to aim at the enemies and pressing the left button, since it can be used as practice to succeed, although it does not necessarily occur as easily as described, since the tactical strategy here plays a fundamental role that we must be very clear if we really want to achieve feasible objectives.
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    How to increase your win rate by customizing the crosshair in Valorant?

     In this game it is possible to have the possibility of customizing and modifying some settings, since the thickness, opacity, color, size are elements that can be changed and thus achieve an interesting setting in the game, since normally the point of view does not cut it to Valorant you can go for changes.

     How to increase your win rate with aiming training exercises in Valorant?

     Improving the aim requires a lot of practice, that is not achieved overnight, the best thing is to use at least 10 or 15 minutes at the beginning of each game to practice, that allows you to fine-tune the aim little by little, because here it is where the movement of the enemies must be taken into account and for this it is necessary to take a fixed look as the player above tends to move the time towards the center of the screen, where it is normally important to keep it clean and tidy, as this also allows mobility from left to right and thereby become more skillful.

     Practicing the stop or shoot movement simply allows you to achieve a huge improvement in aiming, so using more than one training mode is simply recommended, allowing shooting at anything that challenges you is a way to practice and make the target can be fulfilled.

     How to increase your win rate with the crosshair coalition in Valorant?

     The point of view is important in every sense of the word, since it is precisely in charge of directing us and giving us the necessary indications when we aim at an enemy in Valorant, for this it is necessary to keep it at a certain height in such a way that a Optimal position, since it is ideal to place it in a corner pointing to a specific place in the distance and slide it while you keep moving, since it is only necessary to give it a clock so that it can give the position shape to the mouse, since it works similarly to a shooting game.

    How to increase your win rate with mouse settings update?

     Normally mice are usually quite beneficial in games, since it allows us to disable some Windows settings that are simply tedious, but once they are discarded we can choose to achieve a slightly less complex gameplay in Valorant, since the movements of the mouse allow us to achieve better precision. to opt for better results.

     It is ideal to get a gaming mouse that allows us to play more comfortably, but the mat depends on it, so getting a small one is the most recommended, because it allows each gesture to be performed precisely, especially taking into account the possibility of using it. a low DPI, in addition to obtaining movements that will be quite accurate and thus knowing how to increase your victory rate is greatly increased.

    Finally knowing how to increase your win rate is based on the ability to handle PC settings and your prowess while immersed in Valorant.

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