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Valorant: Top 5 Best Agents

2020-04-21 08:48:22

Choosing a great agent at Valorant is vital so let's see what the top 5 agents are.

 Playing Valorant is simply interesting and even more so when we are offered the chance to do it with the coolest characters, so today we will describe in this guide which are the 5 best agents with which to play, of course this does not mean that you will always go to be like this, since it is highly probable that Riot can execute some changes only that for now these are the 5 best agents.

Who are the Top 5 Best Agents in Valorant?


 This is simply a fairly complete agent in Valorant, since it has long-lasting abilities that possibly make it different from the others in Valorant, being fantastic when we are in defense, since it is an agent strong enough to make enemies tremble. With the Fashbangs, the disadvantage of this can simply come from our knowledge of the map, since it is normally logical to be synchronized with the entire team which implies coordination, because otherwise even the same skills of this agent can become a stumbling block generating a huge headache, for a reason he is one of the top 5 agents.

The skills that Agent Breach has in Valorant are without a doubt exceptional especially when we are counterattacking, he can fire a charge to generate a burst on the wall which implies an explosion big enough that it can leave someone trapped, he certainly has abilities Interesting and that are usually quite complicated to counter, but if it is a place we are on the receiving side, the panorama can change radically since it is possible to see ourselves seriously injured.


 This is simply a versatile agent, since it has fairly simple skills to learn and execute, but this does not mean that they are simple skills since they are usually of high quality, they can possibly relate it to one of the 5 best weaker agents, although they simply do not It is, since one of the skills that Brimstone has is a Molotov, since he has the ability to launch an incendiary grenade along the map only with the aim of making opponents can or should leave, this is due to the possibility of deploying a field where fire is generated that will naturally do enough damage.

 Using Brimstone in Valorant allows us to take out a small map and choose the place where we want the enemies to fall, we can use an ability that presents to make use of a bomb that serves to delay a deactivation, so that our team has the possibility of getting some additional seconds and only with the aim that they can prepare much better in their defensive attack.

 Brimstone is one of the 5 best agents that we can get and he has among his abilities to aim in a fairly close radius in such a way that he can manage to generate damage, in addition, he has the possibility of generating some smoke screens, as these are fantastic since They obscure the vision and this allows us to protect our companions, with this we manage to mislead the opponents and fix some grenades.

 An easy death can be executed in Valorant, as this is nothing more than a necessary tool to get enemies to simply want to be here and that is a mistake for them but an advantage for us, allowing us to place it among the list of Top 5 Agents, as Brimstone manages to position the enemy so that it can fall alone separately.


 The choice of this character is vital, he certainly enters the group of the 5 best agents, since he is a doctor, he has the ability to revive and this places us with an interesting advantage in relation to the enemies, Sage is capable of aiming and Clicking on the character you want to revive because with this we managed to achieve a pretty good difference, since the alternative shot can serve to activate self-healing.

 The icy AoE and a wall are two elements that can block the choke points so reviving an ally and turning without a doubt are necessary options, we can also equip the slowdown orbs to decrease the speed and that other players can simply get caught thereby allowing us to classify it as one of the top 5 agents.


 This is classified among the 5 best agents that we can get in Valorant and this is because he is the master of intelligence, he allows to collect information from enemies, since he plays an excellent role in defense and support, he has the ability to To provide some advantage for the team at all times, it has the possibility of blocking some site of bombs, traps and any type of device that could be complex.

 In counterattack it is one of the options that we have with this agent in Valorant, since it is capable of extracting some type of information from the corpse of an enemy, since it reveals the places where the living enemies could be.

 Cypher has the ability to place traps on the walls so that enemies can get stuck in them, in addition to having the opportunity to place traps in very remote places that allow us to activate them from a remote place.


 Our search for the best 5 agents leads us to Phoenix perhaps because it is somewhat aggressive in its attacks, it presents tools strong enough to cause enough damage, since it has Molotov bombs and explosions among its assets.

 Phoenix is ​​an excellent agent in Valorant because it uses Flashbangs to bounce some objects with orbs that can turn them to the right or left of the corners, the detail of them is that they are too versatile, since we will have to locate ourselves in an excellent position to give them the perfect use, because we will have to take enemies by surprise so that the ball of light falls, it also has the possibility of having a fire with it that darkens the vision making the map itself can be quite confusing for others opponents.

 The Phoenix fireball in Valorant simply has a slightly shorter range than a Molotov, but it can be a real headache for many enemies but at the same time it serves to heal us, since it is only a matter of placing them at our feet when we are wounded to heal us, for he is normally reborn from the ashes.

 The hoo boy allows us to take control of a burning clone while the real body will normally be where we have stopped, activating it allows us to collect some information and eliminate some enemies in the process, which is why we have ranked it among the top 5 agents.

 Now that you know the list of the 5 best agents, you only need to place them as your priority while you keep playing Valorant, which is becoming increasingly interesting.

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