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We welcome you to our Valorant guide, where we will talk about How to appear offline.

Why appear offline in Valorant?

 It may be something necessary if we want to hide for multiple reasons, so they don't see that we play, to play without them joining us, avoid our friends in general, this because we don't want to get to the option of eliminating them, then to understand How to appear without connection we have the answers in the content of this guide, let's see it below.

How to appear offline in Valorant?

 The fact of appearing offline is not possible officially, to achieve this requires the use of third-party software called Deceive, this makes us appear invisible before our friends when connected, it should be noted that the use of this software has been allowed for now, in which case with an update it can be resolved, our chat connection with the Riot server will be cut when using to deceive, it is ideal that we take into account the steps to follow for its configuration and these are the following:
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    • The game must be closed.
    • We downloaded the software in the latest version available from GitHub.
    • We create a shortcut by clicking on deceive.exe with the right mouse button.
    • We press the right mouse button on the created shortcut.
    • You have to add a space to the .exe where it says destination, and we write the name of the game.
    • We give it to apply and then accept.

      We will only have to execute the direct access as administrator, in this way the game will open and we will see that we will be online or available for us, but we will be offline for our friends, now if we want to return to normal we just have to do the following:

    • In the option will cheat we will click with the right button to switch to disconnected.
    • We will start the game directly to appear connected.

      So we finished our guide on How to appear offline, hoping that you can get the best out of Valorant, a very busy game.

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