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Valorant: All weapons

2020-03-03 15:43:52

Our guide of Valorant has the purpose of orienting us as to all the weapons with precise details.

Developed by those who made League of Legends, we have at the doors the new Riot Games project called Valorant, a shooter that we can play in a 5v5 and that we will have it in the middle of summer of this 2020, but we can get to know details of great value Like all weapons and operation for the game, we just have to move forward in reading below.

What to know about weapons in Valorant?

The victory will depend on our weapons and the precision we have with these, in addition, teamwork will be of great value in the end, the weapons that will be available in the game are still unknown, but if there are any images of the potentials that will be our disposition and important details such as the fact that with each character it is possible to use all weapons, let's move on.

What are the details of all weapons in Valorant?

Our character can choose between weapons according to our style of play, only we have to consider stability when using any weapon in a game, although changes are possible we must manage well, sometimes we can use a revolver although Like others be with assault rifles or any other weapon, we will have the decision, highlighting the options for improvements that will be present in this weapons.

The variety we will have to choose from in the game at the time of the game's exit, we have such as hand cannons, assault rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles, chain guns and shotguns, highlighting the power we can count on, regardless Whatever our choice, the handling of this will be what matters, if we are quick to shoot directly to the head it is possible that we give the fastest ones either in the body, there are also characters adapted in the way of hiding with a knife , which reflects a close combat, although this style is limited due to the variety of weapons and their use.

This is all we know so far of all weapons in Valorant, there will possibly be more information about it, which we will add later in the content of this guide.

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Riot Games

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