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Valorant: All Characters Abilities

2020-03-03 07:17:56

Knowing all the skills of the characters is part of an activity of great importance throughout Valorant.

The main knowledge of Valorant brings a considerable amount of characters where each of them has a lot of skills, since Riot Games has been responsible for placing a considerable number, so knowing all the skills of the characters is practically a task mandatory while we stay here on the move.

What do all the skills of Valorant characters understand?

The times of CS: GO return to our memories with the possibility of making Riot Games present a number of personalized skills in relation to the agents, which implies making known a mini biography of the characters, since both the special signing ability and The definitive ability is an essential part of the complete skills that can generate some kind of change in Valorant, allowing us to move with some peace of mind and holding on to the changes that our goal brings about all the character's abilities.

What are all the skills and characters in Valorant?

All the skills of the Brimstone characters:

In Valorant Brimstone's abilities are an excellent squad whose goal is to provide extremely accurate and safe utilities to the commander on the ground, as it is evident that he has a fairly formidable arsenal.

  • Arsonist: throwing incendiary grenades into a harmful fire field is part of the character's abilities.
  • Faro Stim: this is a skill that can be used in order to attack players a Rapidfire as long as they are nearby.
  • Skill of signing / smoke from the sky: it is necessary to click for the establishment of the locations and then proceed to launch it is necessary to make use of the map in order to call the orbital deployment smoke curtains as they usually obscure the vision and We take advantages.
  • Orbital strike: throwing some presents the possibility of causing a devastating orbital strike that strikes in order to cause considerable damage in a period of seconds in Valorant, because for this it is only necessary to make use of the map pointing somewhere.

Jett skills in Valorant.

Agile fight and elusive style Jett allows us to run in circles in each skirmish which allows the enemies to be cut before they know that we have hit them, as this allows us to take a certain amount of risks that probably nobody else will.

  • Cloud burst: to execute this skill you need to press and hold the skill button with the option to double the cloud flight path, as this occurs when launching a cloud of fog that obscures the vision on impact
  • Voltage rise: propel ourselves upwards after a brief wind.
  • Signature / tailwind ability: run a distance short enough in the direction we are moving.
  • Blade storm: when we mark a death the daggers are restored, we can click with the left button to launch only one dagger, and with the right button all in the form of a burst, because the objective of this is to arm ourselves with a considerable amount of deadly blades that manage to eliminate after head shots, as they usually cause moderate damage.

Cypher skills in Valorant.

Do not miss any maneuver, keep constantly watching the movements of the enemies ends up preventing any secret may be safe, because there is a surveillance network of a man and is Cypher.

  • Trapiwire: it is a free skill that consists of placing a trap that can be activated by the victim who can be trapped, this will be done by placing a stolen cable between 2 walls, as this generates triggers that are usually retained and revealed in a short period of time. .
  • Cybercage: observe a trap and press USE in order to make it detonate, we can also choose to press ACTIVATE because it destroys everything, for this it is necessary to reactivate in order to create the cage that has the ability to stop all enemies that may go through it, because we will have launched a remote activation trap.
  • Signature ability / Spycam: after having placed a camera it is usually necessary to activate it in order to watch the video, to shoot a tracking dart it is necessary to click with the left button, and it is usually recharged when it is killed or collected, It works like a remote camera.
  • Neural theft: we use an enemy corpse to which we will extract some amount of information that allows us to find the location of allies who are alive, because just having knowledge of the skills of the characters allows us to defend ourselves from a better way.

Sova skills in Valorant.

Knowing all the skills of the characters is ideal, so here we are given the possibility of having the custom arc that has phenomenal exploration skills that do not let the enemy hide even when he runs, the ideal is to get and eliminate the enemies with efficiency and enough ruthless pressure, since Sova is a tracker.

  • Shock bolt: the possibility of using an excessive bolt whose purpose is to emit a harmful pulse of static energy at the moment of impact is presented.
  • Owl drone: make use and deploy a drone that can be piloted in order to shoot a dart that reveals enemies once they have been hit.
  • Recognition bolt / signature skill: sonar pings usually label nearby enemies, as they are usually revealed and destroyed, because just firing a sonar emitter will suffice.
  • Hunter's Fury: Each enemy that can be hit receives a considerable amount of damage and ends up being marked, as it is capable of firing at least 3 explosions of deadly energy that can traverse the entire map.

Omen skills in Valorant.

This is a phantom character that can teleport across the field, leaves his enemies blind and makes paranoia take over the adversary in order to discover where he could attack later, this being an excellent strategy to use about all abilities Of the characters

  • Paranoia: you can approach anyone and touch it with it manages to cast an ethereal shadow in a straight line.
  • Shadow walk: it can teleport and dematerialize over short distances after a delay.
  • Dark cover: you can explode the formidable orb in a large dark shadow sphere and charge it in order to increase the distance considerably.
  • From the shadows: how you can teleport has the possibility of appearing as a shadow returning to the original location in case of being killed.

All viper skills in Valorant.

Knowing all the skills of the characters is interesting and viper is fantastic, because it has the possibility of impacting the enemy, because it has with her mind games and deadly toxins that she usually uses on the battlefield.

  • Snake bite: you can fire a projectile that explodes in a puddle of harmful acid.
  • Poisonous cloud: it has the ability to launch a gas that can be reflected as a cloud against the emitter and bring it back after a short cooling time.
  • Toxic screen: it can emit toxic gas at the cost of fuel making it look like a great wall.
  • Viper pit: when creating a cloud of toxic viper gas it is at the center and any enemy that is there can be highlighted by it while this cloud lasts.

Sage skills in Valorant.

This is the miracle that everyone seeks because he manages to revive fallen friends, brings calm to the battlefield, because he does not like violence, so knowing all the skills of the characters here is important.

  • Slow orb: all those who remain in the middle of this orb tend to be decelerated, because they make noise while moving and remain on the ground as it manages to break the battlefield by launching a radianite orb.
  • Barrier orb: it is necessary to click on the right mouse button to rotate a wall and then launch it, as it manages to conjure a strong wall.
  • Healing Orb: It can heal some ally or ourselves because it gives us full health in just a few seconds.
  • Resurrection: After a short delay, you can aim at a corpse to revive it.

Now that you know all the skills of the characters, dedicate yourself to enjoy everything that Valorant brings to you.

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