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Today we bring you a Rimworld guide where we will explain how to make medicine with precise details.

What is Rimworld all about?

We have in mind a game based purely on fiction, where we will witness the creation and management of a border, simulating many things in this genre that are very common, it is important to add knowledge that will help us avoid problems such as the destruction of our colonies by some diseases and illnesses, so it is key that we know How to make medicine, the following details will give us the necessary answers.

How to make medicine in Rimworld

It is normal that our intention is that our colony does not go through diseases that are present at any time, it is good to keep in mind that we can use different methods of healing if there are diseases, being 3 different ways to use, the herb, ordinary and Glitterworld, in each case the potential is different, as well as its effects, let's see the answers in each case of How to make medicine in Rimworld.


The power of this form of medicine reaches 100 percent, when we are presented with serious cases, such as infections and bleeding, we must take into account the creation of this, for this we must create a laboratory and carry out research in terms of production of the necessary medicines and production of drugs, for research we must take into account the following requirements:

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Drug production

  • There is no need for facilities
  • A Hi-tech research bench is required
  • It requires the investigation of drug production with the fundamentals of microelectronics
  • From 4500 is the cost of starting the tribe
  • It's 1500 the cost of starting the industry
  • The base leaves in 1500
  • Industrial Technical Level

Drug Production

  • No installation is necessary
  • A simple research bench is required
  • No research required
  • The start of the tribe costs 4500
  • The start of the industry costs 1500
  • The base costs 1500
  • Industrial technical level

With the research completed, it is now important that 2 of our settlers possess the capacity for medicine in 6 and crafts in at least 3, the next thing we have to do is to plant the cotton in an effective area for cultivation and thus harvest it, for this we will use a material that will help us create a 3x fabric, the final step is to locate any orbital or caravan dealer to buy neutroamine, bulk goods should be the specialty of the dealer, pirates or rare goods, being able to sell what we seek.


In this we will have twice the power of ordinary medicine, its use is dedicated to when the situation is extreme, among these we have the life and death surgeries and the epidemics of plagues, the merchants with the rare products will be the only ones that will count to obtain this medicine, the cost of this is between 110 and 140 silver dollars.

The Herb

We have that this option will be the least healing capabilities, the compromising situations of low profile will be those that we can cover with this, if for those settlers who are not of great value to us, will be the ideal to employ this, it is necessary that we have access to Healroot and that the settler has at least 8 of the ability to grow.

The next thing to do is to plant in our ideal growing area, on the walls around it and away from the animals, in a period of time, we will harvest the root using the ability to cut plants which will automatically allow us to have the herbal medicine, we must consider that we have to keep it in the refrigerator, otherwise it will end up damaging the organic drinks.

In this way we already know how to make medicine, so we continue our journey in Rimworld.

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