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Today, we bring you everything you need to know about terraforming in Valheim.

What does terraforming in Valheim mean?

Terraforming means that you can flatten and create surfaces to place equipment and buildings on a flat surface, in addition to giving you the opportunity to customize the place where you are according to your needs.

How to terraform in Valheim?

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    You should have your hoe equipped, and you should start transforming the ground so that it is level and perfect. This will not be easy, as you will have to practice a lot.

    To know the level of your land, when you are working with your hoe if you see a circle with a vertical line up it means that the level of your land is lower than where you are standing and if that line cannot be seen it means that the level is higher than where you stand.

    It is always recommended that you dig just a little deeper after flattening and after flattening to your liking you can start building there.

    The transformation will help you create the perfect house, which is of great benefit to those who start in Valheim, since with it, you learn to understand the central mechanics of the game in terms of construction.

     With this article you will be able to build perfectly on your land once you find it terraformed, we hope you liked this article and can help you to know how to terraform in Valheim at an expert level.

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